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Peacock in Wonderland

Peacock in Wonderland

Hua Ni, a master of physics, accidentally time-travels to Peacock City and becomes the holy envoy of the Peacock Sect. Hua Ni has to deal with both the Peacock Sect, who regards her as a blight, and the mysterious assassin organization Baihuasha. With the help of Li Muyang from the Ministry of Rites, Hua Ni repeatedly escapes from danger. Just as she is falling for this gentleman, she finds out he is actually the leader of Baihuasha. As Hua Ni gradually realizes that Baihuasha is about saving people's livelihoods and upholding the truth, she is determined to work with Li Muyang to help the people of Peacock City. In the process, the two fall in love, sharing similar mindsets. However, just as they are about to get married, the mysteries of the past are unveiled...
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